You’ll be glad to hear I have emerged from the wretchedness of the flu, and the cough has almost gone.  Not quite soon enough to prevent rib injury – but never mind, eh?  Rib still painful and I suspect it will be for a while.  But it helps that I’m no longer bent double coughing.

Our Christmas was necessarily low key, and quite pleasant in its way – granted we couldn’t do the things we normally would and yes there are things we missed, but convalescence is the name of the game, and as games go, it could be worse.

Thankfully for various reasons I had quite a lot of Christmas preparations done before the demon flu descended with violent suddenness; the decorations were up, most cards dispatched, and majority of presents wrapped.  I’d handmade quite a few presents this year – four scarves were inexpertly knitted, a few necklaces assembled, and for my immediate family, Christmas cards were topped with handmade felt.

I’d made a Christmassy-coloured piece at a felt making workshop in October, and cut it up and stitched and beaded – the toppers were quite pretty.  It felt personal – crafting presents with care for me felt an expression of affection and friendship. And because I started early, most of them were done before I was rendered useless!

I hope you all had happy Christmases, of whatever shape and size!

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