cracking up for Christmas…

I have discovered that it is possible to fracture a rib through coughing. Last night meant a trip to the walk in centre, which thankfully was very quiet, where I was thoroughly examined by a sympathetic and efficient nurse who thought it likely I had cracked a rib.

This is where the writer in me is very useful. Even when I am in excruciating pain, she’s taking mental notes. It distracts the rest of me. When reading my leaflet about rib injuries, she’s storing up the information for future reference – be it anecdote, analogy, or event in a story.

Speaking of stories, it’s been quite difficult to focus on the Christmas story this year…I’ve been unable to attend any Christmas church services. I’ve not felt well enough to go online via computer – even this is being typed arduously on my phone. So I’m praying that amid all the muddle I will still encounter the glory of my saviour…who took on vulnerable flesh and bone, knew weakness, illness and pain.

Incarnated One, be born in us, wherever we are, however fragile we feel. Amen.

4 thoughts on “cracking up for Christmas…

  1. Penny Nash says:

    I’m so sorry that your illness has taken this turn and that it has caused you to miss church services. When you feel up to it, there will be lots of stuff online, I’m sure, but for now, do get lots of rest and know that the prayers of many are with you. Blessings for peace.


  2. angalmond says:

    Praying you will be OK to join in worship at church tomorrow. So sorry about the rib

    rest as much as you can, and enjoy the festive ministrations of family and friends

    love and blessings [only virtual hugs as real ones would probably hurt!]


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