Shoo, flu!

Well, it arrived suddenly mid Tuesday with quite a wallop. The fever has subsided, nausea much less, now simply left with raw throat and increasingly irritating cough. As well as general exhaustion, of course. I’m hoping it will be as short as it was intense. Poor Andy’s version is long and lingering, if not so sharp at the start, so we’ve been ill together. Which has been oddly comforting and companionable.

Still, thankfully I feel well enough for my parents to come and visit tomorrow. They don’t mind if we are doddery! It will be lovely to see them.

I’m increasingly grateful for the wonderful friends in my life who show genuine care and concern for me. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

7 thoughts on “Shoo, flu!

  1. Carole in the UK says:

    Hi Lucy, Ifound your blog through your comment on the Top UK Christian Bloggers post.
    It was nice to find some UK Christian Bloggers.

    I too have been suffering from a cold, this week, and I have been trying to ‘Gee’ myself to do christmas shopping etc.,

    My two very young grandchildren, who live with me, are ensuring I stay active!

    God Bless have a wonderful Christmas and Blessed New Year.


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