weather with you

EXTREME WEATHER has a tendency to unsettle me, so it’s probably good that I’m a) a bottom dweller (UK wise) and b) we live on the side of the hill (i.e. it’s unlikely we are going to flood).

Which is a silly thing to write, because extreme weather unsettles most of us.  However, if it gets over-blustery and fences start to wobble I’m probably in the more easily unsettled percentage of the populace. Although strangely enough I quite enjoy thunderstorms, and tend to stand outside when the rumbles begin, watching the silent birds fly across the angry sky.  And if there’s no human structures around I can cope better even with a violent wind.  I think it’s the sound of things clattering and breaking that freaks me out.

So even the idea of the ‘weather bomb’ which arrived in Scotland these past few days was able to make me feel edgy, and that’s a long way from here.

But so far, a heavy frost and a few vigorous downpours are all we’ve had to cope with.

On a walk to the shops this week I dug out my longest coat.  This coat is three sizes too big for me and has been hanging around unused for years.  I was just about to stuff it in a charity bag when I realised there was a solution.

I moved the buttons.  Since it wasn’t double-breasted (rather drafty) this wasn’t difficult.  So last week I set out wearing my new old black long coat*, now snugly wrapped around my middle.  It did rather flap at the bottom.  Plus it had got a bit dusty.


And there was rather an extreme contrast between the huge black coat and my turquoise Sainsbury’s bag (pictured, although the photo colour isn’t accurate).  And I’d managed to pull a muscle in my leg, so I was limping.

I was the picture of eccentricity.

And you know what?  Five minutes into the walk and…you guessed it.

I was far too hot.


*Adjective-itis alert!

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