what is a woot? #wednesdaywondering

“WHAT IS A WOOT?”  I asked myself.

People kept ‘woot-ing’ about things.  It was obviously an exclamation of joy and triumph – but why not ‘whoop’?  Or the rather lovely ‘wahey’?

People kept tweeting things like “have won medal for most interesting hairstyle.  Woot!”*

Well, for today’s Wednesday wondering, I can tell you that I wonder no longer.

Here’s what it says in the Urban Dictionary:

Woot originated as a hacker term for root (or administrative) access to a computer. However, with the term as coincides with the gamer term, “w00t”  (I think it means ‘the term also coincides’).

“w00t” was originally an truncated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for “Wow, loot!” Thus the term passed into the net-culture where it thrived in video game communities and lost its original meaning and is used simply as a term of excitement.

“I defeated the dark sorcerer! Woot!”

Apparently it was even Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year 2007 and can stand for ‘we owned the other team’, although it is traditionally spelt with two zeros.
Well there you go.  I no longer have to wonder about w00t.

*not an actual tweet, as far as I am aware.

2 thoughts on “what is a woot? #wednesdaywondering

  1. Joe Lenton says:

    Ahhh, so it isn’t a confused owl after all.

    Seems to be one of those bizarre words that is only written, never spoken (at least I’ve not come across it other than written and online at that).


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