this week in Wales and on WordPress….

I spent the majority of this week at a friend’s house in Wales.  She’s a nurse, so when she was on her day shifts (12 hours long – she’s out for 14 hours – don’t know how she does it) I sat in her kitchen and worked on the book.  There were two days like these and on the first I managed 3000 words, and the second 2900.  Since it’s non fiction I was quite pleased with this achievement, as I find words flow in greater quantities when writing fiction ( as per last year’s NaNoWriMo experience).

It was great to spend time with my friend and see where she lives as well as meet some of her friends (my first experience of a Cosmo restaurant – awesome!).  It’s nice to be able to picture people and places when she mentions them.  We went out together on her day off and took photos – it’s our mutual interest.

Got back yesterday on the train, but then had a phone call from my mother in law saying that my father in law was in A & E (on doctor’s advice) with increased heart rate and chest problems.  So we got back on the road and went up to their hospital.  It’s a severe chest infection and they thought the heart rate increase was probably temporary, but wanted to monitor him overnight.  Thankfully we’d had the foresight to pack nightwear and toothbrushes! All seemed well this morning, so we picked him up and took him back home, before coming back to our own home this afternoon.  It was nice to see them but a shame it had to be in that kind of circumstance!  Thankfully the doctors don’t think there’s anything to worry about.  Hopefully he’ll feel much better soon.

So…I’ve not been blogging for a week.  However, one thing I’m loving about WordPress is the interactivity of the comments – not only can people actually succeed in posting comments (hooray!) but it’s a good forum for discussion.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing first time commenters join in and being able to easily respond. All in all, I’m glad I switched to WordPress.


6 thoughts on “this week in Wales and on WordPress….

  1. Mark says:

    WordPress…. I started in blogger because I’d never heard of WordPress but I’ve noticed people switching from Blogger to WP. Blogger is easy to set up for a newbie but oh so clunky. I did start to explore switching a month or so ago… Is it true that the free version of WP isn’t that much better and you really need to pay for the full version? Did you change from Blogger or something else? I’m concerned about carrying my Blogger followers over… has taken me ages to get some, don’t want to be Norman no mates again.


    • Lucy Mills says:

      I think it is true that the free WP isn’t much better…in some ways it is a lot harder to customise than Blogger. However I’ve chosen to do it anyway – mainly because of the better comment system and also because I do want to graduate to eventually and create my own writer’s website, and this seemed a step in the right direction.

      You can get Blogger followers to add your URL to their dashboard but alas you can’t use Google Friend Connect on the free version.


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