resting with intention

The flowers winced this morning at experiencing their first frost.  Only a light dusting, but a taste of things to come.  Awoke to the old familiar sound of next door trying to de-ice their windscreen.  Lay there for a while but then dragged self out of bed in spite of cold, half an hour before the alarm, as I could not breathe.  Apparently yesterday’s evenings sniffling and scratching was not all down to the extensive dusting I’d been doing earlier.

Felt rubbish.  So weak and pathetic that I burst into tears of relief at the prospect of Turning The Heating On.  Am now sitting in bed fully clothed (several layers) plus hat.  There’s a mirror on the wall opposite and every now and then I catch sight of a deranged woman with a red nose wearing a pink hat.

Usually I carry on regardless of colds (although I don’t often catch them) but I am going to see a friend next week and want to give my body the best chance to conquer the germs as soon as possible.  Plus, being a writer means I can work while still being snuggled up – and will probably get more done in that capacity as I don’t feel up to doing any more housework today.  Yes, that ironing pile will have to wait.  I did a huge amount of ironing last week but made the mistake of washing things too – hence, more ironing.  Tsk.

Have that odd quietness of mind that I get when I give myself permission to rest up.  When I’m ill (with something other than CFS), expectations get annulled, and thus my brain declutters.  Yes I feel yucky but some of my most tender experiences of God’s presence with me have occurred when I’m unable to do anything – finally open to simply ‘being’.  I remember one moment where I experienced such a sense of God that I weepingly thanked him for my illness, which sounds odd, but at the time I felt parched – desperately needing his reassurance, and when it came I was grateful to whatever circumstance had led me to that place.

So I will try and rest today – resting with intention.

And a pink hat.


4 thoughts on “resting with intention

  1. Jo Royal says:

    Hey Lucy,
    Well done for taking a bit of time out to rest – (even if you do still end up ‘working’ whilst snuggled up warm in bed!) I too am fighting off a cold at the moment – have been for a couple of days now. It is wearing me out because I haven’t stopped. This morning, my DH noticed this, and very lovingly said ‘you need to rest, and take it easy’. Nice thought. Shame kids still need organising and taking to school etc! Still – am taking it easy this morning – sat in my local Starbucks catching up on some emails and blogs 🙂
    Get better soon!


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