I love theology

On Monday Andy and I attended a day at the Bible Society with Dr Paula Gooder on the topic of Paul the Protagonist.

We both enjoyed the day – Paula was a compelling and accessible speaker.  I enjoyed exercising my ‘theological muscles’, looking deeper (!) and exploring context and meaning.

Days like these remind me how much I love theology – the deep, dynamic journey of seeking and expressing words about God. Andy bought me her book ‘Heaven‘ which I am devouring happily in between housework (it’s been a rather domestic couple of days!).

So often I forget what I love – exploring the bible and its meaning, finding out what it meant then in order to reflect on what it means now, listening and digesting (not just ingesting!) new thoughts and perspectives (or old ones I had forgotten).

I fall into the trap of feeling simply exploring and studying for my own enjoyment is some how not worth it – but then when I am doused by the joy of it, this seems ridiculous.

I am often ridiculous.  Most people are, at some point or another.

But what better way to spend my time than trying to know God better, in whatever way that might be?

8 thoughts on “I love theology

  1. Nelson Rose says:

    You may want to consider some of the Rabbinical Commentaries as well. Some folks are turned off by the Torah and other parts of the Old Testament because they are tough to understand. However, when one studies them as they were studied before the CHurch existed you find some really amazing things.

    Just a suggestion.

    Excellent post by the way – there is no better way to spend you day then studying the Word.


  2. red says:

    so true. I love it too, and usually find God speaking to me through extended study too. Love those moments of dawning realisation within the intellectual study! redx


  3. Perpetua says:

    Your post reminded me just how much I enjoyed my training for ministry back in the 80s and how it opened doors of intellectual exploration I’m still going through, if rather less frequently in retirement.


  4. Mark says:

    The Bible is perhaps the second greatest gift we will ever be given. I LOVE it when I see something that I had never noticed before, especially in a familiar (or so I thought) passage. It is an utter delight :). I wonder when we pass from this life if we will look back and be astonished at the richness and wonder and layers and layers in the Scripture. And yet I spend so little time in it. I WILL make more time.


    • Nelson Rose says:

      Mark, there is no greater gift then the Torah (I know foreign concept to a Christian but, I have to say it). With it we can see ourselves, we can see our past and our future. When one learns the layers you can spend a lifetime learning and still have more to learn in the world to come. As far as making time – you have more time then you think though. Before you go to bed for example is the best time to set aside some time to immerse yourself in the Word. I spend about 2 hours a night in the Torah and then a quick 15 minute Torah dose in the morning. (May be a little obsessive but, its more nourshing then any meal to me)

      Hope its not rude posting here. You folks seemed to be open to more than just your own view. My apologies if I have offended any of you.


      • Lucy Mills says:

        No offense taken, Nelson. As long as people respect each other and the right to hold a different view am happy to host discussion…

        I think you’re right in saying most of us have more time than we think; although not all of us learn or reflect in the same way so it’s good to explore different ways of immersing ourselves in scripture. Blessings!


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