the head and the heart

I’m pondering the thinking and feeling divide – that false dichotomy of “heart” and “head”. About how some people look down on emotion and how others look down on intellect. And I think – why not both?

I love thinking.  Understanding something more profoundly in my mind is thrilling. Yes, thrilling.  It evokes an emotional response.  Likewise, a deeply emotional experience will in turn impact my thinking.  I think and I feel, I feel and I think, and the lines between them are blurred – I am glad of that.  Sometimes I come across those who criticise another’s faith because they consider it too emotional or too intellectual.  Let’s stop looking down on one another and embrace the fullness of heart, mind, soul and strength.

Let’s allow ourselves to explore with our minds and appreciate those who have great intellect.  Let’s allow ourselves to experience feeling – knowing that there are some things beyond our understanding.

Let’s celebrate the complexity of both head and heart and as we journey, listen to them both.

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