welcome to looking deeper on WordPress!

YES, I have finally switched from blogger to wordpress – somewhat tentatively and uncertainly, but here I am. There are still things that need smoothing out but which will be easier when everything has gone ‘live’. Please update what you can with my new address so that you don’t miss out on future posts.

Feedburner and Networked blogs should have adjusted without any need for you to do anything.

If you previously subscribed via Google Friend Connect and read my blog on Blogger dashboard, you will need to go into dashboard and ‘add’ the URL so that it comes up there – but that shouldn’t take long, so hopefully you will want to make the effort to do that!

The themes are not so flexible so that is chafing at my desire to have things exactly as I like them…but it’s the content that really counts, and it’s all still here.

If you feel generous, I’d appreciate help in spreading the word! Please change your blogrolls to the new address.

12 thoughts on “welcome to looking deeper on WordPress!

  1. Nancy Wallace (@Seeking1st) says:

    What made you change? What are the advantages? I’d be interested to know. I’m happy with Blogger, but am now about to learn how to use Word Press as I’ve just become a #digidisciple on the The Big Bible Project, posting monthly from this Friday – wondering if this is going to be difficult.


    • Lucy Mills says:

      Hi Nancy

      Two reasons – one, some people had huge problems commenting on my blog and I wanted to be user friendly! Secondly I’m hoping one day to graduate to wordpress.org so that I can have my own website to publicise my book (ha!) and thought this would be a step in the right direction.

      I’m a #digidisciple too and did my first post before I moved to wordpress – not too difficult!

      It is a bit limiting with how far you can customise themes – you have to pay for that privilege (which I’m not doing).


  2. Perpetua says:

    Blog roll duly updated, Lucy and I hope you’ll be happy at WordPress. I can’t say I’m tempted to change, despite the commenting problem at times. For me that only happens when using IE8. With Google Chrome or Firefox I have no problems at all.


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