quick question for blog followers

HERE’S  a quick question for you – if I change to WordPress.com, I cannot use Google Friend Connect (unless I pay for webhosting and use WordPress.org, which I am not intending to do at this stage). If you ‘follow’ me with Google Friend Connect, would you still bother reading my blog if I moved – would you still subscribe by other means -e.g. using a reader or liking the page on Facebook?

I’m considering a changeover but this is making me hesitate – would really appreciate knowing your thoughts.

10 thoughts on “quick question for blog followers

  1. Lucy Mills says:

    Aaah looking at Blogger dashboard I realise you can add WordPress blogs on by URL without using friend connect directly, which I had not realised. I suppose if I make the move I'll just have to ask people to take the time to do it this way – and hope they can be bothered!!


  2. Perpetua says:

    Lucy, I read your blog via my dashboard or using Google Reader and follow several WordPress blogs without difficulty the same way, so it would not make any difference to me. However, I tend not to follow the comment threads on the WordPress bloga as it's such a faff signing up to receive them.


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