and the rain, rain, rain…

IT’S WET.  Very wet.  The pond, which has a slow leak, has been effortlessly topped up.  Went out to lunch with a friend – as we walked (scampered?) back to her car the already incessant rain seemed to quadruple in strength.  Got soggy earlier trying to batten down the rabbit hutch (so Charlie didn’t get soggy).

I haven’t done any work today but decided to stop feeling guilty about it and allow myself to recharge and refresh my mind.  I think I’ve been experiencing overload on a few fronts, battling the tiredness, trying to be productive and failing – at least at what I thought was productive.  The house is terribly gloomy in this weather but a little lamplight made a cosy afternoon, plus another very lovely friend ran across the road with gorgeous lemon drizzle cake. Aren’t friends wonderful?  I feel constantly blessed by them.

Anyway, as I’ve deliberately turned down my mind today I have no great philosophical statements to make.

But it is wet.  Most definitely.

One thought on “and the rain, rain, rain…

  1. Penelopepiscopal says:

    I am constantly reminded by my spiritual friend that it's really ok not to be productive and that I need to stop feeling guilty about it myself. These days, I need lots of recharging and it's really best just to do that! Glad to know I'm in good company….


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