writing and watermelons…sort of

Feel the need to write a vastly entertaining or astonishingly profound post.

Alas, such a thing is not forthcoming.

Have done various ‘little jobs’ today, including typing up the most recent instalments of the book, which inevitably includes editing and adding along the way.  (I managed to continue doing this even when the cavity wall insulation people were drilling holes a couple of feet from my head – impressive.  Earplugs were required, although it was still very very loud even when wearing them.)

At first it feels like a chore – sitting down to type up what I’ve already written – but soon it enlivens and inspires, reminding me of the reasons I am doing it and helping me breed further thoughts.  You may ask – why don’t you type it from the start?  Well, sometimes I do.  But regular readers will know my love of notebooks – the paper kind – and how I love to sit in cafes scribbling aggressively, accompanied by a generous cup of coffee and possibly a packet of crisps or a banana. Last time I purchased a mini fruit salad which felt nice and naughty all at once.  It had watermelon in it.  What is it about watermelon?  Cool, crisp and refreshing.  It doesn’t exactly go with coffee but never mind – I ate then drank.

I’m taking a trip this Wednesday to visit a pregnancy crisis centre to do some research for an article.  I’m assembling the pieces in order to make a pitch and hoping that someone will be interested!  It’s one of those things where there are so many coincidences – people I know who are involved, stories I’ve been told – that I felt it was almost wasteful not to look into it further.  Those involved are very keen – I only hope I don’t disappoint them.  Perhaps I should not feel so much for my subject matter – but passion (and compassion) are powerful things and I wouldn’t want to write about certain things without them.

Rather than flutter about in the morning at home I shall probably go to the library (or neighbouring cafe!) first – get some thoughts flowing – although my current notebook is nearly full.  I’m sure I only just replaced the last one!

You never know, maybe I have some watermelon while I’m there…watermelon on the brain.  Is that normal?!

I can’t seem to draw this post to a close; it’s pure rambling.

I shall take a breath and punch in my last full stop.

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One thought on “writing and watermelons…sort of

  1. Perpetua says:

    Ramble all you like if it's as entertaining as this, Lucy 🙂 I'm another who prefers to write with pen and paper before typing up. Somehow I still think through my pen(cil) though I use an A4 lined pad, not a notebook. This Blogger problem makes me glad that I draft my posts on paper, then write them in Word before posting. At least this way work isn't lost when the technology goes wrong.Good luck with the article – an important area to write about.


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