thinking theologically

The past three nights I’ve been privileged to attend a series of lectures by NT Wright – it’s the first time I’ve heard him speak and he is a compelling communicator.  I always love learning by listening so this has been great for me – getting to think deeply and theologically (and take copious notes!).

The series has been titled (somewhat provocatively) ‘Why we’ve all misread the gospels’ – Monday focused on The forgotten story of the Gospels, Tuesday covered The Gospels in four dimensions – using a helpful metaphor of a quadraphonic stereo system, yesterday’s came to the heart of the matter with Kingdom and Cross, and tonight looks at how we apply these things – the so what? factor.

Fascinating stuff – some of which I was already familiar with but I always like revisiting concepts and being reminded of things that have slipped from view.  Will try and post some summaries and impressions at some point.

On a personal level, it’s been so refreshing to have the opportunity to reflect deeply and to be reminded of why I love studying theology – it always feels like a constant exercise in uncovering treasure.  It also feeds my mind, which is very much appreciated when I am often isolated in my learning and studying.

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One thought on “thinking theologically

  1. Perpetua says:

    That sounds fantastic, Lucy. I've never has the chance to hear Tom wright, but I still remember when Rowan Williams, then Bishop of Monmouth, came to our diocesan clergy school to give us two lectures on St John's Gospel. That must be 15 years ago at least and I can still remember how deeply impressed I was and how excited by his reasoning and insights.


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