da da da da da da? da!

Lynn over at help I work with children has reflected on the following clip:

Personally it made me think of the times when we use words without meaning – just using the force of our voices to get across a point, or some dense jargon, not realising that to others it sounds just like da da da da da da da.

That’s using it as an analogy, of course – as it is, it’s a marvellous example of mimicry.

(I also couldn’t help noticing the socks!)

Check out Lynn’s reflections here.

4 thoughts on “da da da da da da? da!

  1. Lucy Mills says:

    @ Ray – whatever they are talking about, it clearly involves some leg waving!@ Lynn – I fiddle with the width on the html embed code – I changed the frame width from 560 to 490, I think! Blessings to you too 🙂


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