blogging the bible

A few years ago I decided to read through Genesis – and really study it as I went.  I had a thick notebook for the purpose and would scribble down my thoughts.  I would pray before I started, and got Andy to drag home commentaries from his office.  He had a vacant hole in his Old Testament shelf for ages.  I didn’t manage to finish Genesis, but I got a lot out of the process.

So, I’ve decided to reinstate my ‘blogging the bible’ over at Thirsty Ground for a while, going slowly through at least the early chapters of Genesis and posting my thoughts.  These may be thoughts I had previously and jotted down in my ‘Genesis notebook’, or they may be current reflections.  They are my reflections, I hasten to add.  I always try and be as informed as I can, but in no way to I ever claim any ‘rightness’ to my interpretations.  Hence, I am happy for people to read it and add their own thoughts, as long as readers understand I am claiming no authority on the subject.
I started yesterday with this post, let’s see how I go, shall we?  Hopefully I won’t peter out too soon this time, despite the challenge of keeping more than one blog – always a problem for me.  I’ll give it a go as a Lent project, anyway.

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