in these pages…

Some time ago I was entertained by Angela’s post about what we write with (and on).  For non-writers, or people who can’t stand stationery* talk, this may be achingly boring.  Apologies.

As I’ve mentioned at other times, this notebook is my touchstone of notebooks (read more about where the transferable cover came from here).  It’s what I huddle over in dentists’ waiting rooms, hospital clinics and (rather more pleasant) cafes and teashops.  It’s my place for ideas but also many first drafts: taking a theme and running with it, hitching on to sub topics and thinking as I write.  This a process of excitement and discovery as I write down my thoughts as they tumble through – and draw out new ones on the way.

Of course, I don’t always have room (or the forethought) to put this A5 notebook in my bag.  Thus I usually carry one of the following two: the ‘elephant’ – mentioned here, and the pink polka dot – mentioned here.  One or other of them is usually in my bag, the other often in the top drawer of my bedside table.  I don’t know why they swap about so much – but there you have it.
When one of these is finally full, I have one lined up which Andy gave me last year, pristine and patient, waiting for its time…

This is something a little different, because I call it my writing journal – and is used sporadically.  It’s more personal – I will write things in here that I would not write on my blog, for instance, but it has a wider function than a mere diary.  If I’m suffering from writers’ block or am feeling disillusioned or hopeful (or even both at once – strangely plausible when you’re me) I may choose to write about it in here.  This lives in my bedside drawer and is not something I carry about with me.  It’s not ‘lock and key’ kind of private, but it is less of a tool and more of an outlet, unlike the others.
The thing about all of these notebooks (well, in the first case, the cover at least) is that they have been given to me by people who know I love to write.  This makes them all special.  They’re also bright and colourful, which is incidental, but I like them for it.

Of course, there are the napkin /tissue paper/ receipts / wrappers/ even toilet paper  moments when ideas arrive and there is simply nothing else to write on.  If I have paper but no pen I have been known to indent one word into the paper with my finger nail, so I don’t forget the topic, at least.

Yes, writers can be just a teensy bit crazy…

* Stationery  = the desk, paper related sort of stuff.  Stationary = not moving.  

(May think of more things and add to this post later – who knows?)

3 thoughts on “in these pages…

  1. Viv says:

    I love notebooks; be comforted that your pile is way smaller than mine of unused notebooks in every shade and variety you can imagine. I got a new one recently from the Brahma Kumaris shop in Cambridge that I am using for writing a few thoughts at the end of every day. My handbag has usually one or two Moleskines in as my preferred notebook to scribble anything in.I have a stockpile of fancier ones waiting to be used…and have a pile of ones used up, hoping that posterity may be able(or not) to decipher my writing..!


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