the power of space

I’m an odd mix.  I like neatness and clearness to work.  Yet I’m a haphazard worker – creativity going berserk as I rifle through papers, jot down ideas on the nearest free surface (paper, post-it, napkin if necessary).  My mind is a natural bundle of chaos and it thrives on it.  But I do need space to sit down and pour it out.  Hence, some of my days I spend merely creating space for me to work in.

Sometimes I find this frustrating.  As I work (write) from home I need to be aware of things like housework – maintaining a multi-purpose space, which can be challenging.  I need to learn to prioritise what needs doing and what can wait.  But it can feel I have to wade through an awful lot of things in order to get to an open space – and this is as much mental as physical.

But the space creating in itself is part of creative process (being creative in creating space in which to be creative?!) as my mind reshuffles and sorts, tidies and catalogues.

Not sure how to end this post, as my mind is still shuffling.  I’ll leave you with a blank space and say go create.  And making the space for it is a necessary part of it.

What needs clearing, decluttering, cataloguing in order for us to get on with the process of dreaming, inventing, discovering?

2 thoughts on “the power of space

  1. Angela says:

    Stopping in the middle of a major declutter of my filing table [aka The Spare Bed] to check up on blogs- and idetifying completely with you on this one.But rejoicing that the declutter process has already revealed a 20p and a £5 note!!And I would rather think&write than do housework any day!blessings x x


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