let’s tidy things up

Need to do housework.  The irritating thing about housework is that it always comes round again.   Have to get myself good humoured about it.  What would be useful is the capacity to sing ‘ah-ah-ah-ah’ out of my window and have the animals in suburbia come to my aid, just as Giselle summoned the city dwellers…

…I wonder if wood pigeons are clumsier than feral pigeons at putting the plates away?  Not sure Andy would appreciate knowing rats had cleaned the toilet.  Perhaps I’ll give the hedgehogs of the area an early wake up call and rely on the ingenuity of any squirrels who happen to be in range.

(And yes, I know – how does she know how to use the vacuum cleaner or what the shower drain is?  Three words: suspension of disbelief.  As if you didn’t already need it.)

Of course, we all know what this post is really about.

Procrastination, procrastination, procrastination.

4 thoughts on “let’s tidy things up

  1. Michelle Wegner says:

    We have the funniest story about this song. When Belle was about 3, she LOVED this movie. She really believed if she sang for the little animals out our window they would come. Sure enough, one day as she was doing this, both a skunk and an opposum came running through the woods behind our house. We had never seen either one of those animals before that day or since. Made me believe that God has a very funny sense of humor.


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