the tendency to slide…

Battling weariness these past couple of days.  As I write this, the anti virus software has decided to run a full system scan, which I’ve minimised.  It’s running in the background, slowing things down.  Perhaps I am running a full system scan.  Now there’s a thought.  I hope it finishes soon and manages to fix any problems!

Unfortunately this has resulted in some brain fog, and a limited ability to write.  This morning I was at the eye clinic at the hospital, which sucked out most of the morning and pretty much all of my energy with it.  I think these appointments will soon come to an end however – they’ll be making up my new glasses soon and have decided my eyes are doing very well.  The orthoptist did her usual here-there-everywhere tests to work my eyes as hard as possible; apparently the results were very satisfactory.  My eyes naturally want to slide inwards; we’re trying to train them to hold themselves straight, without surgical intervention.

This is aided by the prism in my glasses, but I’ve also been doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of my eyes, which make them do what they don’t want to – go the other way.  It reminds me in a very physical sense of the hard work required to reverse a habit.

Our reflexes want to react in one way, but we want them to behave differently.  We need things to help us change, but we also need to make an effort to re-train ourselves.  Re-training can be painful and difficult.  But it makes a difference.  We are less likely to slide into our old routines.

I’ve realised my eyes are stronger for it.  They are less likely to look inwards, more likely to look straight  ahead.

Just as they should.

Glasses image from stock.xchng

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