of knots and polka dots

Went for my third remedial massage this morning.  The room is actually housed in the facilities of the local cricket ground, which are often used for conferences.  I got there rather early, so decided to have a coffee from the bar/Costa.  I had to sit down at a vast round table for ten, which was quite amusing.  There were others doing the same with their laptops/netbooks/macbooks.

I got out my pink polka dot mini notebook (I mean an actual paper notebook) and wrote in that instead, which seemed rather a contrast to those around me. (I do have a netbook, but as a rule I don’t take it for a massage…) The fact of my pink polka dot-ness amid all the professionalism made me smile.

There was a training day taking place, and when they all came out for their coffee break I quickly drained my cup and nipped to the loo while it was still free (writing this immediately reminds me of that infamous Google search where someone typed ‘help I am desperate for the loo‘ and arrived on this blog, which was rather worrying).

The massage was interesting, as she was trying to break into a very solid knot.  She said as she was doing it ‘I really need to break this down.  I think it may be what’s pinching the nerves in your neck’.  This immediately drew my attention. ‘Hmm,’ I replied.  ‘I have a feeling my headaches may have started after that knot appeared.’

On arriving home, I typed ‘knot’ into the search part of this blog and found the relevant entry, on 22nd November 2007.  (‘A new knot for Christmas,’ I say.)  This raised my eyebrows reading this, as I was sure my headaches had begun intermittently around December 2007, before becoming constant in January 2008.  (Long term readers will be aware of my shoulder/neck/head problems.) Sure enough my first mention of ‘constant’ headache in this blog is in early February 2008.

An unexpected benefit of blogging – keeping a record of things of which, at the time, I had made no distinct connection.  Although sure my headaches were to do with the knottiness, I had not registered the time similarities of that knot in particularly.


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