Tuesday: Viewpoints

A poem a day…day two


even the words
have different meanings.
we collide, perplexed,
thinking we agree
when we disagree
and vice versa

it’s hard to tell our
stories, in understandable
ways, we have different
starting points and certainly
different endings

yet there are moments
of recognition

in the end,
we start from
the beginning, placing
pre-conceptions aside,
allowing space
for explanation,
treating each other



Day One: walk with me
Image: mine

3 thoughts on “Tuesday: Viewpoints

  1. Maxine Butler says:

    Interesting words here Lucy and its so very true how sometimes when we collide and then stop to get our focus back we can actually be heading t the same place just taking a different route- I do like your style of explaining – a poem- how lovely.


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