Monday: Walk with me

A poem a day…day one.

Walk with me

walk with me
when friendship feels
tangible, faith
touchable and able
to wrap us in a blanket
when the wind is
brisk, and carries
flecks of winter

walk with me
when love’s adhesive
does not stick and hope
is landlocked, what then?
then walk with me
though fingers graze
sharp-edged stones –
one thing is known.

Together is better than alone.

The trouble with writing a poem a day is that most poems take more than a day – to brew, mature and be constructed. To be finished. So I have to present this first one of the week as just that – unfinished, unmatured, incomplete. For starters, I want to give it another stanza – probably at the beginning. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and inspiration today – that missing verse must emerge later. This is the first draft. There are bits I like, and bits I know need work.

It’s hard offering something that is unfinished for viewing, but I wrote this poem for the purpose of being today’s poem, so here it must be. All I ask is that readers respect its rawness. Every poem this week is likely to be a work in progress.

So, walk with me.

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