me, myself and I

Last week we had the opportunity to go and hear Dallas Willard speak in Swindon (which I mainly equate with Jasper Fforde novels – and yes we did go on a Thursday!)  Talking about ‘private religion and public reality’ I scribbled manic amounts of notes, which I must type up so that they don’t simply end up buried in my notebook.  I’m sure many life changing words are buried in the notebooks of life.

Really enjoyed a bit of deep thinking and reflection, particular in the area of knowledge and faith, and how often Christianity emphasises Commitment and Profession (of faith) over faith based on knowledge – to its detriment.  There’s much more to chew over, of course, and if you’re really interested, I can go into it in some more detail another time.

Had a neurologist appointment this afternoon over what they call my ‘chronic daily headaches’.  Was rather a long wait (an hour and a half in a waiting room on a day as warm as this is an interesting experience), but I got in eventually, and appreciate the time she took over the problem.  (There’s always two sides to it, isn’t there?)  I’ve not got much to take away except the suggestion more physio would be helpful (something I knew already but was helpful to be officially supported in that) and taking me off painkillers for now.  Just in case they are perpetuating the headache.  Since I’m not a painkiller fiend I doubt this is so but I willing to give it a try.  I just hope my hip pain doesn’t flare up – that’s hard to manage without painkillers and I don’t relish the prospect.

She (registrar to consultant neurologist) suggested some possible medications which she will also communicate to my doctor.  But I’ve decided not to go down that route for a while; I’ve already tried all the usual suspects, and as it is pain management rather than cure I want to try and ‘manage’ it meds free.  Not that any have worked, anyway!   She also checked all my reflexes and things with her little hammer.  Quite amusing.  Then she started pricking me to check the feeling in my arms and legs.  Lovely.

Preaching a sermon next Sunday so finishing that up, although the bulk is done now.  As long as I don’t throw up over the front row from nerves it’ll be fine.  Sit in the front row at your own risk.

 I don’t get mentally nervous, as I think I’ve mentioned before.  My heart rate and stomach betray me.  Silly things.  Hissing at my stomach ‘what the heck is the matter with you?  I’M FINE!!’ does not, alas have much affect.  Ah well.  Never mind!

Comments welcome!

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