hanging around…

Well the last week or so I’ve not been Internet connected…hence the hush.  I would have been commenting more on the UK political excitement, although excitement seems a funny word to use now. We’re all waiting on Nick Clegg, while not envying his position.  Am getting a bit goggle eyed and rather than calling the Blues Conservative or Tories, have begun referring to them as Conservatories (no offence, Dave).  We stayed up watching the results until 5am which was a bit pointless – a hung parliament was predicted and a hung parliament was what we got.

Thought it was a shame the Lib Dems didn’t do so well; that was making things much more interesting.  And I’m very keen on electoral reform (though please don’t ask me the best way of doing it – I’ve only been getting my head round politics recently!)  I’m not sure if a coalition or what have you with the Conservatives (or Conservatories) would lead to a real reform in the electoral system.  I also think maybe the Lib Dems were down on votes because people were voting tactically – to keep either Labour or the Tories out.

Well, that worked…(!)

Was talking to a family member today who had a bad experience with the former Conservative government, and wondering if that is what prevented them getting a majority – that the cloud cast from the past hangs over them more than they realise.  But then, what do I know?  Like I say, I’ve only been getting into it all recently, as part of my ‘how can I change world?’ mandate.  (These days I know who is the Speaker of the House and can understand jokes about Mandelson, which is a start…)

So, we’re hanging around with a hung parliament, waiting, not knowing. Meanwhile, Gordon holds the reins while the other two confer. What’s going to happen?

I’m still determined to get involved. Somehow.  When we know what government we’ve actually got, that is. 

Have been thinking a lot about advocacy…but will save that for another post.

4 thoughts on “hanging around…

  1. Angela says:

    Does that mean you have room-like names for the other main parties?? and will that get worse under some sort of coalition government? [Laboratories, Libraries]Lovely to meet you [briefly ] last weekend – sorry we didnt get longer to chat. I did clap hard for your other half on hand-shake night though!!! blessings x


  2. Angela says:

    well had I known yesterday about andys connection…yes to emails – my address is same as husband [see BUGB handbook ] but replace initial bob with ang


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