So much depends on perspective. It’s amazing the sheer variety of perspectives we have, if you think about it.

Consider: it is a sunny day.

  • aha, time to put some washing in machine – a good drying day today.
  • ooh! time to hit the beach…
  • Groan.  I hate my job.  How is it I am inside during weather like this?
  • I wish I could get out of bed and be in the sunshine.
  • Another day without rain.  How will the crops grow?  How will we eat?

I could probably have found a better sentence to illustrate my topic, but that was the one that passed through my mind this morning.

So much affects our outlook on life in its multi-facetedness.

Our location, climate, money, provisions, health, family, need, culture.

We are defined and affected by so many things, and each of these alters our perspective.

And sometimes a new awareness will change things completely – we are overhauled, undermined, and suddenly see life with new eyes.

So much depends on perspective.

6 thoughts on “perspectives

  1. Angela says:

    A brilliant post. I may use this idea with some of my literacy students on Thursday!Now I shall stop procrastinating and make the tea. Hope you got your potatoes mashed!!


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