sniffing and snorting

Am currently struggling with extreme sinusitis.  Haven’t made it to church this morning; keep having to scrunch up my face with the pain, eyes watering constantly.  Sniffing and snorting comes with the territory. A bit annoying; I’m supposed to be assessing how my headaches are off medication – this, of course, makes it difficult to tell.  It’ll be the doctor for me tomorrow if this continues – it keeps getting worse, not better.

Anyway, feel yukky.  Just thought I’d say so.

5 thoughts on “sniffing and snorting

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hope you feel better soon.Have you ever had lymph drainage done? It can make a world of difference with sinus issues. (It is great to have someone else do it – very relaxing, but you can learn to do it on yourself.)


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