getting ready…and a lovely present

I have been getting myself together today as my mum and I are going away this weekend to a Christian conference /retreat centre here in the UK. I’m travelling to my parents’ house tomorrow and then we’ll go on from there on Friday. Hence I won’t be online for a few days. Am hoping it will be a good, replenishing time for both of us. Hopefully the trains will behave tomorrow – especially as I have reserved seats (much cheaper to do it in advance) and have to change twice.

On a different note, Amanda over at Kre8ive Life sent me this lovely creation which arrived in the last week – a gorgeous stitched notebook cover made with recycled materials (with a notebook included) – such a good present for a writer. She is a very talented artist.

Have a look at what she made me:

Lovely, isn’t it? She’s just won a Kreativ Blogger award – well deserved! I also love the fact that it’s removable – so when I’ve filled one notebook I can transfer it to the next…with that cute built in bookmark!


11 thoughts on “getting ready…and a lovely present

  1. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner! I just wanted to you know your family is in my prayers!!!I love that present, that is so beautiful!!!Love, Hugs and Prayers–Tiffany

  2. very nice. and I love that the cover is removable, otherwise I'd be hesitant to use it only on one use!! (but then I'm weird like that ;-)Welcome to SITS!!!

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