in my element

Am in one of my uber-determined moods, which usually bodes well – courage comes more easily, things are more likely to be achieved, hiccups are more manageable.

I’ve been doing writing-related work all morning, and am still enjoying the thrill of having it suddenly become a major part of life again. I feel utterly at home, scribbling, planning, researching. I even phoned a magazine this morning; at least I tried to – they were having problems getting used to a new switchboard and I accidentally got put through to a different magazine (under the same company). This caused much amusement all round, but resulted in my feeling much more relaxed about calling again. That’s what happened when I phoned World Vision about Fragile World, if I remember. Make me laugh, and any tension melts away.

So I intend to pepper my days with smiles and in-jokes, even if I’m the only one who hears them. A light hearted touch at life with a good dose of appropriate sensitivity seems to result in constructive daily writing. It underlines this that I actually received a rejection this morning, but did not let it throw me. I merely altered my plan of action over that particular piece of work.

Hope – that is what I am still experiencing, sometimes almost torrential. When you have struggled with feeling hopeless for extended amounts of time, weeks, months, even years, it catches your breath. And it brings forth an automatic prayer of thanks.

So there you are – hope and laughter – together they bring that much needed smile to spur me on through the day.

4 thoughts on “in my element

  1. Mulled Vine says:

    Hope and laughter. It is funny that the Bible does not speak much of laughter because I am convinced He has a very quirky sense of humour and loves to laugh.(Says he stepping to one side in case lightning strikes!)


  2. Sarah says:

    Wonderful news! I just wanted to say your recent posts have inspired me and I have also restarted the comprehensive writing course with the Writers Bureau! I started it six year's ago, and then the children came along…. I got up to assignment 15 and they've kindly said I can pick up where I left off! I have four week's before my girls break up for the long summer hols and am expecting another baby in February…. so plan to make the most of the next four week's. I'm already straight into it and so loving having time to express my creative side and be in my own headspace for a few hour's a day.So thank you for your inspiration and very best wishes to you x


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