what inspires you?

Wednesday evenings I have put aside for writing, although I have to say I am getting tired now and the evening has barely started. Perhaps I’m still in British Summer Time – that’s probably true.

I’ve been thinking of the need for inspiration, which led me to the question: what inspires me?

Let’s see…
nature sky God friends love animals books quietness laughter anecdotes dreams family children rockpools words colours waterfalls hope creativity art trees light dark thoughts boats earth discussion humour ocean seasons faith doubt touch watermelon photographs birds air travel flowers mountains sight music rivers taste butterflies

I could go on..let’s be inspired.

What inspires you?

6 thoughts on “what inspires you?

  1. Lucy says:

    Mmmm. May revert to old comment form and see how it goes. Will wait for my poll to expire first.Actually, I did think of nightmares – you're right. And sunshine, how could I miss that? But then, I did say the list went on… 🙂


  2. lynn says:

    what inspires me?mountain-scapes, waves crashing against rocks, children learning to walk for the first time, people who teach God's word succinctly and with power, biographies of overcomers, my own dear husband for his patience and kindness!


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