keeping on going….

I keep forgetting I’ve changed my password. It gets me every time.

Worked on my assignment this afternoon. It’s an article about being married to church ministry and it is definitely beginning to take shape. Plus I’ve already done some of the following assignment so that one should follow quite swiftly. Really enjoying this. Feel very buoyant most of the time at the moment, even when tired. Even when too tired to do anything, I turn things over in my mind and formulate new ideas.

I am shattered this evening however. The medication for my head also makes me feel bright but this can be a problem as I end up overdoing things energy wise. I must be careful. The doctor is weaning me off these and increasing the dose of another…if that has no effect I have to go to see the neurologist, what fun.

Plus I’ve got my eye appointment in November where they will try and identify what prism strength I’ll require, as I think I’ve already mentioned. They put stickers on my glasses which, my optometrist tells me, ‘look a bit odd’. Hah, I will walk around looking like some strange alien creature…. It’s all good material, I suppose! I have to go on a train journey at the end of November and have to change trains a couple of times – if I’m wearing these sticky things there’ll be a whole host of people giving me a curious, sidelong glance….

Even if it’s annoying at the time, I tell myself, there’ll be lots of anecdotes later. That’s what I tell myself….

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