changing viewpoints

Having moments of real frustration with my headaches, especially as I am so enjoying my writing course. But of course bending over a piece of paper, reading, and looking at a document on the computer all aggravate my head when its in full-on ache mode.

I am seeing the doctor this afternoon; I don’t really know what to tell her. However she was going to contact the neurologist for advice so it will be interesting to learn of anymore suggestions. I have my eye appointment at the hospital on Nov 9th, which I’m waiting for impatiently. I’m hoping that by sorting out the prism in my glasses and working out how much help my eyes need to work together, this will at least eliminate one headache factor.

In the meantime, I’m trying to build up my fitness by having short walks everyday and generally being a bit more active. Since my fatigue is not too bad at the moment (yay!) this is more do-able. I think it’s worth making myself feel more healthy in other ways. Plus, in one fell swoop, I have signed off cakes, biscuits, chocolate and such like in an attempt to really help my body sort itself out. It sounds drastic, but I know in order to decrease something in my diet, I have to go cold turkey for a while. I’ve even decreased the amount of bread I eat (hard for someone who adores toast!). When I get the nibbles (I have the nibbles a lot) I put my hand in the fridge and pull out….a bunch of grapes.

Having the writing course seems to have motivated me in so many different ways. My life feels more structured (I’ve even drawn up a loose weekly timetable), and full of possibilities. Strangely enough, I am so grateful that I did give it up a decade ago…simply so I can take it up now – when I’m so much more aware of who I am. It goes to show, what we think are failures can bear fruit later – and we simply don’t see the big picture. So often looking at circumstances in my life from one viewpoint is in fact misleading – as time passes and circumstances shift, suddenly there is a hint of shining purpose.

Even so, I could do without the headaches please!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “changing viewpoints

  1. zenandtheartoftightropewalking says:

    Not that I can recall.Anyway, I'm glad you're finding the writing course helpful. Some do. I wouldn't. I'm too cussed to take advice! But then I've written since before I could read and I guess when you have your own ways of doing things, that've worked for you, it's probably counter productive to be obliged to work another way. I'm a bit of a lone wolf in that respect.Headaches, yep, me too. Hormones, stress and a build up of empathetic overdose seem my triggers; also aspartame can knock me almost into a coma!


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