a special weekend

It’s been fairly busy since I last blogged – various things going on. Plus we went down to my parents for my 30th birthday one weekend, where I also got to see my sisters and my two lovely nephews – and my brother travelled down which was fantastic. On the Saturday night we had a meal out with the family, plus some old friends from the local area.

The weather was amazing – blazing sunshine and clear blue skies the entire time – we had walks by the estuary and along one of the coast paths. I had a new lens for my camera (wow!) so really enjoyed playing with it. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

The night we came back from our meal out the sky was incredible. The stars covered the blackness, and you could even make out the misty swathe of the Milky Way. We got out Andy’s spotterscope and – we, my brother and my parents – spent a lovely few moments stargazing and identifying planets and constellations. It was utterly awe-inspiring.

I enjoyed myself so much and it was a wonderful start to this new decade. New dreams, goals and possibilities. And the reminder of the enormity of the universe all around us.

4 thoughts on “a special weekend

  1. bunnits says:

    Happy birthday! And what a neat gift to get to see the Milky Way. We have so much light pollution that we almost never get to see it these days. I did get to see it while down at Orange Beach, AL back in August. What a treat.


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