if I should

if I should fall
will you catch me
before I hit the ground?
and if I should hit the ground
will you ensure
that there isn’t too much breakage?
and if I should break into a hundred pieces
will you gather up the splinters
and hold them to your heart?

if I should stumble
into an unknown territory
will you give me a light to lead me?
and if it all goes black
and I cannot see
will you hold onto my hand?
and if I feel alone
and cannot sense your presence
will you love me, weep for me,
die for me?



7 thoughts on “if I should

  1. BEAUTIFUL! You're right…I'm always asking God if He will be there for me in the darkest of times–and no matter what, the answer to that question will always be YES! What a fantastic truth!Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry I had to shut down Monthly Monday Poetry…but like I said, anytime you write any poetry, I would absolutely LOVE it if you would leave a comment and let me know! I adore poetry. :)Thanks for writing this. Very encouraging and relatable. Love,–Abigail

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