if I should

if I should fall
will you catch me
before I hit the ground?
and if I should hit the ground
will you ensure
that there isn’t too much breakage?
and if I should break into a hundred pieces
will you gather up the splinters
and hold them to your heart?

if I should stumble
into an unknown territory
will you give me a light to lead me?
and if it all goes black
and I cannot see
will you hold onto my hand?
and if I feel alone
and cannot sense your presence
will you love me, weep for me,
die for me?


7 thoughts on “if I should

  1. Abigail Kraft says:

    BEAUTIFUL! You're right…I'm always asking God if He will be there for me in the darkest of times–and no matter what, the answer to that question will always be YES! What a fantastic truth!Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry I had to shut down Monthly Monday Poetry…but like I said, anytime you write any poetry, I would absolutely LOVE it if you would leave a comment and let me know! I adore poetry. :)Thanks for writing this. Very encouraging and relatable. Love,–Abigail


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