natural therapy

Well, what happened to last week? I was here, I simply didn’t write anything: quite busy with various things, and when I had a bit of free time my brain had turned mush-like, which is not conducive to writing. Possibly it would have got into gear if I’d written a sentence or two, but never mind.

We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary last week. Had a meal out and went out to an RSPB nature reserve on Andy’s day off, which was very nice. So many butterflies! Am rather fond of butterflies.

Had splintering-oh-good-grief-horrible headache last night. Did not go to church this morning but planning on going this evening for the communion service. Had an hour this afternoon sitting in the sunshine in the garden (with hat and sunblock!) which was lovely and relaxing…speaking of butterflies, there was a Painted Lady lounging on the buddhleia next to me, absolutely beautiful. Have not seen one since the throng that came through a few weeks back (see here). Also noted the honey bees accompanying it – glad of that due to the plight of the honey bee. Bumbles everywhere, as always in our buzz-friendly garden!!

The goldfinches occasionally on feeder while I was out there – the female is very unsure and flies off the minute she sees me, but he is beginning to tolerate me. Impressed I was close enough to tell them apart! (There is another ‘set’ of goldfinches in the neighbourhood – had the two fledglings sitting cheeping on the washing line last weekend – very cute!) Mr Blackbird has reappeared – seemed to disappear while we were on holiday, but discovered him sheltering in the forsythia from the rain yesterday. Threw him some raisins. On discovering ‘normal service’ has resumed, he’s been dropping in all day today with his plaintive look. Even more plaintive as he is mid-moult and rather raggedy!

Still struggling with neck and head problems, but nature was very therapeutic for me this afternoon. Charlie in uber-relaxed state, happy to receive some attention.

Craft group tomorrow morning…have made a poster for them in style of scrapbook page, hope they like it…

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