back to the list….

I have returned!! We have been away for a two week break – hence the silence blog-wise. I will try and do a ‘holiday post’ where those of you who are interested can learn more about it.

Nothing inspirational today, am working through post-holiday washing, sorting out various bits plus doing a bit of quick tidying/deadheading in the garden. Have had a bit of an invasion by Harlequin Ladybirds in the front garden – they have massacred the aphid population which is extremely useful (since we could previously not see buds for aphids), but they are an invasive Asian species which is potentially causing problems for our beautiful native ladybirds. So I have mixed feelings about their presence.

I have excessive amounts of photographs to upload but that will have to wait until I have a chunk of time to set aside for it!

Woke up feeling the coming-back-blues, but keeping busy and trying to ignore them. Have a physio appointment and a dentist’s appointment this week. It was very refreshing while on holiday not to be continuously trying to remember what i should be doing every day. I have lists which have ‘see other list’ as a list item, to illustrate the point. It’s not so much about the amount needing doing – it’s my silly memory which makes life so regimented list-wise!!

Anyway, I will try and stop by some other blogs gradually over the next few days.

For now – I have to go check my list…

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