I’ve had a couple of suggestions I should join in with Abigail’s Monthly Monday Poetry posts, but this is the first time I have participated. This is not a new poem, but written a few years ago – using the analogy of a kiss to try and describe something achingly profound.

so intrinsically human
this heart-movement
a flurry of glittering
emotions peppered
with awe, amazed –
herself in his company –
swaying touch of
a strange compatibility
and a unique sadness
found only in joy
of a soft and stirring
kind, which melds her,
to the gaze of eyes
impaired by weak human
vision and yet – glimpsing
a greater beneath
of the surface above
which is mere bubbling.

seeing the divine kiss
of God making man
and woman
the love-seal aching
our incompleteness
soothed yet scorched
by recognition
of the broken, but
sharing tears, surrendering
selfishness, wanting
more than what we came for.
approaching the remaking:
the promise of the kiss
that came and lived
among the scarred limbs,
this half way house
a painful tenderness.
hallowed ground
beneath our feet
may we always remember
to take off our shoes. (C) Lucy Mills

2 thoughts on “kiss

  1. Linda says:

    Oh Lucy,…how do people have this kind of depth? I am amazed at this poem. It does make me think of God and the depth of His plan for us as humans,…and the depth of his love for us. And the depth of love we should have for each other. (It makes it plain why your blog is titled,…”Looking for something deeper”!I think gifted people like you are a blessing to this world. ((smile))Sending a hug and a “Kiss” your way.Thanks for joining in today. I am sure that Abigail appreciates it. (And so do I).


  2. Simon says:

    Lucy: this is indeed holy ground. Thank you. You have unwittingly encouraged me to sit awhile. That's where our poetry comes from, isn't it? I wish you well with your continuing "lifestyle management programme". One of its fruits must surely be this extraordinary poem of yours. I'm deeply moved by it and thank you for sharing it. May I very tentatively point you in the direction of one of my shortest? –


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