It’s Pentecost Sunday and we did something rather different in the service this morning. We are required to have a fire drill in the building once a year, so Andy and Rob incorporated it into the service. Andy was reading the passage from Acts where it talks about the rushing wind and tongues of fire – and then the alarm sounded, so everyone had to get up and troop outside. Very effective, and made me smile, too!

I should say here that Mrs M has also awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award in her recent post, so thank you Mrs M!

I have also been awarded the Lemonade Stand, or ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ award by two bloggers, Sarah in the Woods, and Kathryn – thank you so much! It’s taken a while for me to officially accept the award – how ironic if I forgot to thank them for their ‘gratitude’ award! I will try and update this post at some point with bloggers who I feel deserve this award (pictured).

The sunshine continues…

4 thoughts on “fire!

  1. angeljoy says:

    Ohmygosh, I’ve also received that award and have been remiss in posting it and passing on the love. Bleh. On another note, isn’t it awesome that the same power that God bestowed on them in Acts so many years ago has not changed?! What an awesome God we serve!


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