yawning time

I know it’s Wednesday and I’m supposed to be walking ‘down memory lane’ but I’m afraid I’m a little too weary today. I know I’ve not been writing much lately; I just don’t seem to have much to say, and when I do, forget to say it. Such is life. Andy is out tonight (one of those weeks, out every night except Friday) so I am trying to be “constructive” with my time but the pressure of being “constructive” is making my eyes glaze over slightly.


Sometimes it would be nice to carve out a piece of time and simply curl up in it, and then when you feel up to it ‘resume normal service’ and life, which would have been conveniently on hold, would start up again. But only when you are ready.


I’ve just remembered I need to feed the rabbit.

3 thoughts on “yawning time

  1. Karabeth says:

    Hi Lucy,I always enjoy visiting you there across the sea. I seem to be experiencing the same type of lack-of-anything-worthy-to-say on my blog these days- NOT that I think this is true in your case.Anyway, I was glad to see you were the featured blogger at Lynnette’s. Since I had not been doing the Wednesday’s Walk recently (I work on Wednesdays and it is getting too hard to post and/or visit others on that day) I hadn’t dropped by in awhile.Blessings!


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