25 random things about me

I have done this on Facebook and will reproduce it here for the rest of you!!

  1. I am fascinated by colours.
  2. I have never felt good at drawing noses. At least, not so as they look like the original. I find it quite frustrating.
  3. I love feeding (& watching) our garden birds. I would be quite pleased to get a whole variety of bird seed/mixes as a birthday present. Yes, I’m odd, and I know it.
  4. I can get very excited / delighted by seemingly little things.
  5. If I’m at a wedding and I have a camera with me, you’ll usually find me contorted in a strange position or climbing onto walls trying to get an ‘interesting angle’.
  6. I frequently overanalyse my motives (Do I? Really? I’m not sure…). I’m so keen on doing the right things for the right reasons that I can end up partially frozen (metaphorically speaking).
  7. I’m a fast reader.
  8. It’s not unusual for me to have moments where I think ‘ooh! I exist!’ and find the fact of it mind bending.
  9. My ears are quite inconspicuous.
  10. I mix the profound and the trivial quite easily. Have you noticed?
  11. I am battling Chronic Fatigue, after suffering a relapse 3 or 4 years ago. It’s boring, but a fact. Saying ‘I’m tired’ feels a bit over-obvious, broken record-ish and something of an understatement, but sometimes I just need to be able to say it.
  12. I like doing bits and pieces in the garden.
  13. I love doing crafty things (as in cards, scrapbooking – not as in sly!)
  14. I’m a Christian, and want to spend more time getting to know / drawing closer to God. I struggle with the discipline factor. I do think we are all made in different ways and there is no one template for an individual’s faith journey. God doesn’t do pigeon holes.
  15. I don’t like sweetcorn. It’s annoying, because eating corn on the cob looks fun.
  16. Pond life is fascinating.
  17. I think it’s great having the facilities of communication we do with internet, email, etc. But I think we need to remember how much tone of voice and body language contribute to the meaning of what we say – so extra care is needed to avoid misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Other people might read my email in a different ‘tone of voice’!
  18. I thrive on creativity and variety, and have a tendency to have several projects on the go at once.
  19. Writing is my love and my hate. It just won’t let go of me, but it’s difficult to know where I’m going with it.
  20. I have some lovely friends – very grateful for them.
  21. I would like to cuddle a lion cub. While wearing sleeves.
  22. I hate cold calling. Having to disentangle yourself from whatever job your doing and rush to the phone for something you are uninterested in is very annoying (we do have caller display but you still have to get to the phone). But door to door is the worst. We get a lot of double glazing salespeople, who I can dispatch quite easily, but it’s the ones who want to start off with ‘a few questions’ who are the worst, especially if I am feeling exhausted. Then they get all stroppy when you don’t want to answer the questions or show them your electricity bill. Stroppiness will not sell, people!! There’s one company I simply wouldn’t sign up with because of their door to door tactics (yikes! Rant over.)
  23. I have held a baby penguin.
  24. I went to Chicago in 2003, and loved it.
  25. I feel things acutely – whether it be joy or sadness.
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7 thoughts on “25 random things about me

  1. Kathryn says:

    I struggle with drawing hands. As a child i always drew folks with their hands behind their backs. When i tried to draw them in they looked like baseball mitts. I overheard one lady say to another about my drawing, “She does that because she’s not confident. I read that in a magazine article on psychology.” I was about six or seven, but i thought, “Stupid lady! I can’t make them look right!”I also am so tired of repeating the phrase, “I’m tired.”I struggle with discipline in all ways of my life, but it certainly shows up in my relationship with the Lord.Thank you for sharing.


  2. Matthew says:

    Very nice post, something becoming the norm with you ! Haha.Like you, I can’t draw hands; they tend to look like massive sausages stuck on the end of a plate.


  3. furrybutts says:

    Thanks for sharing a little of yourself 🙂 I’d love to hold a whole host of animals – tiger cubs, koalas, kangaroos, etc and penguins too! You’re so lucky to have held a baby penguin!I can’t draw lips properly, no matter how I try. I just can’t get them to look realistic 😦


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