the war within

persistently at war within –
the part that is bothered by everything

and the part that can’t be bothered
with anything
the part that wants to love, love, love
until it breaks
and the part that cannot cope
with that kind of breakage

the part that anticipates hope
and the part that accommodates fear
the part that rises to meet the challenge
and the part that wraps around itself
and watches

the part that thinks,
the part that feels,
the part that sees
and the part that remains
heavy lidded
the part that believes
and the part that dances
with doubt

not merely two, but many parts
a gaggle of intentions
of feelings, desires,
of motives –
jostling around each other
trying to make a space
in which to live

oh for the Indwelling Breath
to rule them all, to console
and encourage, to live,
love, and motivate…
to transform me into the person
I was made to be

Coming soon (hopefully):
some random photos from the year so far,
more Wednesday memories,
thoughts on words and their impact on our lives

Today: 4/10, medium

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