houdini, or maybe not

Charlie had a mini-Houdini moment earlier. He scrabbles so hard at one of his hutch doors when his food is coming, that the door has become a bit wonky and difficult to bolt properly. It was lunchtime today when I realised the hutch door was open. Not realising that Andy had opened it to give him some carrot, I assumed it was from when I had opened it when I got up, or…well, I had no clue really.

Gave a mini holler and we both rushed outside, where, thankfully, Charlie was ambling cautiously round the patio. Relaxed. Making sure he couldn’t get to the back gate (the main reason for worry), I approached, crouched down and held out my hand. He obligingly came up, had a little stroke, and was swept up and popped gently back in his hutch.

Not much of a Houdini, after all.

3 thoughts on “houdini, or maybe not

  1. rozzy says:

    What a cutie he is….sounds like he enjoyed his little wander…and no harm was done…. pets are always a worry, but i wouldnt be without our dog :)Thanks for hopping over to watch hubby’s ‘party trick’…. it went down really well.have a good weekhugs rozzy xx


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