a prayer

I want to follow wholeheartedly;
I want to liberate the words of love
which are so often neglected,
shackled by fear, regret,
pain, or often
simple forgetfulness.

I want to articulate
the truth of you, to discover
and to share my discovering;
instead of merely staring
at a blank page, or
empty lines.

Crying out to be a voice,
but having so very little strength,
completely lacking, and thus
completely dependent
on what you choose to give,
and I accept.

So weary of weariness,
wanting the chance to transform,
to change, to be other
than what I am now,
to unclog that which is stuck,
and let it flow freely.

O God – my prayer.
Turn my greys into vivid reds,
blues, greens, vibrant yellows;
turn my life from the chains
and enable my mind and body
to serve you absolutely.

Today: 3-4/10, medium high

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