what if…?

There are so many times I think

– what if?
what if I did this…or that
what if I tried these ideas…or those
what if I wrote everything…or something
what if I allowed myself to dream?

but then I pause to think
and I flounder, or I get caught up
in fiddle faddle
or twiddle twaddle

and forget to do this…or that
forget to try these ideas…or those
neglect to write something… or everything
and carelessly shrug off my dreaming

I waste time, energy, on thoughtless moments
I lose heart so easily,
and instead of taking something up,
I put it down
and then can’t remember where it is,
or even what it was in the first place.

I turn inward, probing as if at an aching tooth,
pondering at my abilities…or inabilities
doubting that from this shell
anything lasting could come

I tell myself
I cannot do this…or that
I dare not try these ideas…or those
I cannot write something…or anything
I will not believe in my dreams

and I drop the memory
of a moment of passion…or compassion
and retreat, having
done none of it.

but…what if

I did?

and…what if

in some small way

it changed the world?

5 thoughts on “what if…?

  1. BPOTW says:

    Great what ifs. It actually sounds like a day in the life with young kids. I feel like that often. Really though, there are things I’d like to do or experience…what if?Thanks for sharing with Best Posts!


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