shopping, or not

I’m not a fan of shopping. I would never be one of those who listed ‘shopping’ as a hobby. I find it incredibly wearying, to tell the truth. There are exceptions, but in general I find it quite frustrating, particularly clothes shopping – so often it’s impossible to find what you want (though you saw plenty of it when you couldn’t justify spending money on it). And trying things on – I get horribly hot and flustered in fitting rooms, especially when tired out and disillusioned and wishing I’d never bothered.

Did, a couple of days ago, randomly try something on and eventually buy it – but I rarely feel confident enough to buy by myself, so this was accompanied by much gesturing and mouthing words to Andy, me from the fitting room and he trying to signal back from the shop.

If it’s reasonably quiet, and you find what you want, you stop for a quiet cuppa, go to a cathedral, or the place has a nice atmosphere, I can enjoy myself. It’s the environment, I suppose. But I find hoards of people overwhelming, and I know this is part of the ‘sensory overload’ I get with the Chronic Fatigue, but put me in a shopping mall at a busy time and you’ll see my eyes take on a wild, staring look.

My least favourite kind of shopping? Shoe shopping, or anything that involves a shop assistant looming over you while you try it out. My self-consciousness runs riot and I want to scream ‘leave me alone!!! Arrrgh!!’

But I don’t. Thankfully for the person doing the looming, who is, after all simply doing their job.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there were no other shoppers, but that seems rather uncharitable of me…

It’s not that I don’t like getting nice clothes – it’s nice to have something to wear which feels special – but frankly I’d rather be sitting looking over peaceful countryside or a stormy sea or a flowing river than going from shop to shop getting irritable. (And all the people!! They are all coming towards me at once – help!) And getting tangled up in the fitting rooms. This went on over my head- how come it doesn’t come off?

Admittedly, the tiredness has a lot to answer for. I simply run out of steam before I start. I might feel a little differently if I was bouncing with energy. Excuse me while I pause wistfully…

Had better terminate this entry before I waffle myself to death. Am generalising, which is something I don’t like doing at all. Which is probably a generalisation.

Okay, stop talking.

Really, stop.

I mean it.

Today: 4/10, medium

4 thoughts on “shopping, or not

  1. Kristin says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I get overwhelmed with having no energy before I even get to where I’m going! I don’t know if it’s having 3 kids, or what, but I have a lot of anxiety about going places. I think I have some type of sensory overload thing too. I can relate, because I just don’t have energy to do much anymore.


  2. angeljoy says:

    I get in shopping moods.Once I get to the mall, they last about 30 min. (long enough to get into a dressing room and get frustrated) then my eyes take on that wild, staring look. I hate too many people too. And I don’t think I have Chronic Fatigue. Although at the present moment, I’d give it some serious consideration.


  3. Paula says:

    I’m with you on this Lucy. I loathe shopping and not just because I am an ‘odd shape’ and find it hard sometimes to get things to fit. I find it difficult dealing with people. I can relate with you about getting a ‘sensory overload’ and being tired before I even start. I put this down to nerves and maybe my suspected fibromyalgia, which means ‘brain fog’. I shop if I need to, and try to do with sans child. I usually do food shopping with my MP3 player in so that I can shut out the people. How shopping could ever be a hobby, I don’t know, but I’m with you in that it’s not something I would list, hehe. xo


  4. Tricia says:

    While I wouldn’t exactly call it a hobby, when I get into a shopping mentality, it’s like I’m in “seek and destroy” mode. I get so focused on finding just the right clothes, or checking out all the clearance items, that I’ll even forget to eat. This, of course, puts me in a horrible mood, so if I know I’m going to be clothes shopping for a while, I do it when Mike’s not around. 🙂 Jeans, athletic shoes, and bras are the worst for me.Over here we have a number of discount shoe stores where the stock is completely out in the aisles (in boxes, sorted according to size), so you can try on as much as you like and no salesperson ever bothers you. I never go to a shoe store with salespeople anymore. I hate that hovering feeling, too. Ugh.


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