Charlie and the Snake

(Don’t worry, not a real snake!)

To answer angeljoy’s comment on my previous entry, I shall tell you all that Charlie seems to be doing very well. His weight is now good and healthy for his size, and he is very cheerful in himself. Occasionally I give him some painkiller if it looks like his mouth is sore, otherwise I stick to giving him pro-biotic powder which helps his system cope with more food. I am weighing him once a week in a washing up bowl on top of digital scales, which has varied results depending on his level of patience (and probably mine too!)

He enjoys jumping off his ramp in his hutch (Charlie likes any kind of jumping and leaping) and goes somewhat crazy when let loose in the lounge, hopping and binking all over the place. I only learnt it was called binking the other day – a kind of little twisty jump kick which is very cute 🙂 He’ll have another check up in March when he gets his jab.

The other thing I was going to share with you, for the benefit of the crafty ones (!) among you, was this snake card I made for my nephew’s 8th birthday at the end of January. It took quite a bit of time and needed lots of reinforcing because of the shape, but I was quite pleased with it. So not a real snake, and nowhere near Charlie. But it sounds like a book title, doesn’t it – Charlie and the Snake ?!

Today: 3/10, high

5 thoughts on “Charlie and the Snake

  1. Tricia says:

    Love the card! And I’m glad that Charlie seems to be doing better, too.RYC: Thanks for the compliment. I really enjoy taking photos of all the creatures God has made, even the ones we don’t always think of as “desirable.”


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