An Australian friend texted me last night to ask for my prayers for those affected by the devastating fires… The situation has often come into my mind the past few days; I cannot imagine the terror or speed of such fires, and the fact that some may have restarted them deliberately defies belief. I was once in a fire – minuscule in comparison, but it sensitises me to it and when watching the screen and hearing of the killing (death seems too weak a word when a car is engulfed so quickly in fire that the occupants cannot escape, even for the fires that were accidental) I feel a flicker of terror at such an untame-able foe. I pray for comfort and help for those dealing with such devastating loss – beyond that my prayer is mute, offered from my small heart in my small hands.

I’m reminded that in an age of globalisation my neighbour is both living in my street and also the opposite side of the world. I’m reminded that there are many desperate situations the world over. I’m reminded of my own apathy. I am reminded of my helplessness, but also my obligation to remember those suffering deeply in our societies and in our world. I’m reminded I should be interceding for others frequently. When I am tempted to walk by on the other side, even unconsciously, I try and imagine myself in their place – not that I can ever come close to capturing or understanding in my own self the suffering of another – but at least to practise empathy in the best way I can, and in so doing, not forget.

Never forget.

2 thoughts on “interceding

  1. susan belinda says:

    yes it is so true that you can get caught up in oneself and one’s ‘petty’ problems and desires. And sometimes everything else seems so overwhelming that we would rather escape, and yet I guess that is when God is calling us to trust him and run to him with our feeling overwhelmed and then he can show us a way out or a way to be still in him as we go through or stand with those who are going through the


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