at our weakest

‘When we are at our weakest, our eyes turn once more to Christ as the true source of our strength. When other voices are silent, we are most willing to hear Christ’s words of comfort and challenge. When others pass by, we turn again to rediscover the tender embrace of our Lord. It is in such moments that Christ draws near, seeking to renew and redirect us.

Alister McGrath, Knowing Christ


Note on photograph: a nicely timed drive led to a lovely view of the sun going down over the sea!

Today: 4-5/10, low – medium

One thought on “at our weakest

  1. bring on the joy says:

    Hi Lucy, just visiting your blog for the first time. It’s lovely! You write so well, you use photographs so well too. I look forward to visiting again. Thoughts and prayers are with you for managing post viral illness. Been there, although I’ve not had such a difficult experience as you. But I have come out the other side relatively unscathed if that’s any encouragement.


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