trying to catch a moment

I keep getting paper cuts from opening Christmas cards. Are envelopes more vicious this year?

As you can see, we have put up our Christmas tree. It looks very nice, although putting it up was rather more difficult than usual, since the metal in the stand has warped. In the end, I had to take it all apart again (cue minor tantrum) and then wrap the stand part in gaffer tape. Unfortunately Andy had just popped out, after I assured him I would manage fine!! Also the top part which slots into the main stand is falling apart a little. So it manages to be wonky in two different ways, although it looks fine from the front, as you can see. Still easier than a real one though, for me certainly, and hearing from my mother today about the trouble they had with my sister’s…well.

Have been operating on a step by step basis these past couple of weeks…everything very busy and my energy is extremely low. My headache has been much more severe during this time, which is frustrating, as it seemed to be improving a little.

Am involved with the children’s nativity at church, which is next Sunday morning. Have tried to delegate as much as possible but… Have constructed the shepherd’s fire this week and was there for the two rehearsals yesterday. It is a mild mayhem. One of the angels stepped on one of the shepherds during the angel dance; the shepherd burst into tears. The lady in charge of costumes is worried that the costume for Herod looks like Dracula. I said I was sure once the crown was on, all would be fine. Two of the three wise men had to be replaced as it turned out they were going away for Christmas after all.

Sigh. Want to spend a bit of time thinking and contemplating during the Advent period but am struggling so much with my energy; it gets eaten up so quickly. Am afraid once I can stop, it will all be over.

Forgot to add – Charlie is doing ok. I just have to monitor him and weigh him weekly. Cue interesting moments with kitchen scales and a washing up bowl. He seems just as cheerful as ever. The following is as much as I can do with our digital camera, but if you want a brief moment of him in motion, here goes…

Recent: 3/10, high…high…high

6 thoughts on “trying to catch a moment

  1. Tricia says:

    I’ve always thought that the Advent/Christmas seasons are the busiest times of the year for many people, but especially for ministers and their spouses. I hope that you are given the opportunity to slow down and reflect and “savor the moment” a little during this hectic time.((Hugs))


  2. Tricia says:

    Oh my goodness! Vogue runs like that sometimes. That’s her problem – she thinks she’s a rabbit!Or maybe Charlie’s as evil as she is…Naaaaaahh. Vogue is the only evil animal on the planet. :-)(He’s such a cutie, btw!)


  3. Laurie says:

    Hi Lucy,Thank-you for visiting my blog. I chuckled at your nativity story, it brought to mind my favorite Christmas book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I lost my two rabbits this year, both house bunnies who had the run of our home. Thank God they litter train! Brought back many pleasant memories. Thanks for sharing.Blessings,Laurie


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