what to do with all of us?

I think the fish is the only healthy creature in our household – both Andy and I are feeling pretty rubbishy today. Charlie is doggedly eating his increased food intake in spite of the fact that it has been snowed over by pro-biotic powder. Hopefully it will help his tummy manage it OK. He does not seem any worse, and is just as enthusiastic about lots of fussing and stroking as ever. He accepts my syringing his medicine into his mouth as long as he gets a few strokes at the same time.

I am feeling very tired so that all sorts of little things are adding to it – no major crisis but a kind of wearing down. Not necessarily bad things, but things that require thought, or organisation, or remembering what they are in the first place. What are we to do with me, hmm?

I’m reminded, oddly, of when I was a child and my sister Louise used to say ‘What are we going to do with you?’ and I would reply gleefully: ‘Put me in the dustbin!!!’ and go into gales of laughter. Just a little snapshot there (!)

Have to be reasonably ‘with it’ tomorrow for the group meeting. Eeech. Shall go and be death-like for a while in the dark for now.

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